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"Lainie was a delight to work with. She guided us through preparing our wedding ceremony and vows as painlessly as possible, and we are grateful to her for that. Lainie suggested a land acknowledgment for the beginning of our ceremony, and we felt lucky to be working with a conscientious, and inclusive officiant that would consider every detail like this. Lainie made this whole process seamless, and stress-free. She is organized and prepared a draft of our ceremony for our review prior to the date, which we really appreciated, and took care of the paperwork, one less thing for us to think about post-wedding. We would gladly recommend Lainie to anyone celebrating a big moment in their life, thank you Lainie for your positive outlook and bright smile that carried us through this day."

(Hanna  & Keegan, Caledon Hills)

"Right from the initial meeting, Lainie had such a good vibe (yes it came

through on Zoom!)  We could tell immediately that she cared about providing us with the most meaningful ceremony for our wedding that was true to us. She infused humour, introspection, warmth, the importance of commitment, respect and love into our ceremony. In what is currently a world turned upside down, she made our day feel intimate and captured the essence of who we were as a couple."

(Mary & Trevor, East York backyard)

"Lainie is truly an extraordinary officiant and we are happy to recommend her to all of our friends and family. Have full trust in her services, as she will guide you through every step and consider every wish you have for your special day. Thank you Lainie for making our day so special in every way.

If I had to describe her in two words it would be a soulful badass and this is exactly what you need for your wedding: someone who will make it soulful but also make things happen during the stressful logistical part of it.  She is a true gift to our LGBT community

and will make you feel seen, heard and special in co-creating your magical day."

(Anya & Lili, Auberge du Pommier)

"We are in still in awe about the way you conducted our ceremony and created an environment for us to be fully present. Thank you for everything. There are very few words to describe how grateful we are to have had you as our marriage officiant. On top of that, you are such a cool person!! I will be reaching out to you to join a dance class someday soon"

(Gazal & Monty, UofT Mississauga)

"Lainie was great from beginning to end. She worked collaboratively with us to craft a unique ceremony, and on the day of she was a wonderful, calming presence. Lainie led the ceremony beautifully. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant. (and) we are truly grateful to have met her."

(Ethan & Jess, Kortright Centre)

"Thank you again for marrying us! Despite

all my nerves, I felt great during the ceremony, and I was so happy with how it went. The ceremony was also easily the most-complimented part of our wedding. We were both getting told all night how touching, and meaningful and “us” it felt and that was thanks to you. We were concerned about the ceremony and making sure it resonated with our intentions and values but that we felt a great rapport with you and your process was really simple but yielded a great ceremony."

(Sharmila & Pat, Gladstone Hotel)


"Your beautiful presence and intention made our marriage ceremony a profound union of two. I felt completely in tune with myself and with Martin. Your pace, your voice, and your spirit were speaking directly into our hearts. As we embark on this new journey, we feel blessed for having you as our officiant, and the keeper of our love!"

(Sasha & Martin, Rosedale home)


"We would highly recommend Lainie and we are so grateful that she was able to make our family whole. We wanted a very unconventional wedding with our two small children present in our chaotic living room.  Lainie was so kind, loving and in-tune with our needs, didn’t miss a beat when our son started throwing cushions on the floor and had a mini meltdown that he wanted to get married. She laughed along with all of us and made us feel comfortable, calm and happy. When we reflected on that day, it was everything we had dreamed it to be and more and we can’t thank Lainie enough for everything. We highly highly recommend selecting Lainie as your wedding officiant. She’s absolutely amazing!!" 

(Laura & Alicia, Annex home)


"Having Lainie officiate our commitment ceremony was such a gift. She is kind, calm, and contributed thoughtfully, and intentionally, to our ceremony. Lainie was happy to provide us with any guidance we asked for, and was very accommodating with the queer and trans, Jewish, Scottish, and de-colonial elements that we wanted to incorporate into our ceremony. She

listened to what we wanted and did a wonderful job of capturing the essence

of who we are, presenting that in a beautiful way during our ceremony, and making sure that the ceremony was everything we had imagined. So many of our friends and family commented on loving the wording, feeling, and care that Lainie’s work conveyed in our ceremony. We are so grateful that she

led us through such an important moment in our lives."

(Rae & Janet, The Great Hall)

"Lainie was the officiant at our wedding...and we're so thrilled with how everything went! Leading up to the wedding, she was warm, flexible and super responsive. The ceremony was perfect; we couldn't have asked for more!

(Suzie & David, District 28)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you gave us. Our guests were talking about it all night and how touching and meaningful it was. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ceremony and wonderful officiant. You were such an important part of our day and we will always remember the brief but impactful time we spent with you standing up there and expressing our love to each other with the help of your guidance." 

(Quincy & Jeff, Broadview Hotel)

"We were blown away by the way you captured exactly how we wanted it to go. Your passion for doing your work, and understanding of our unique love story was evident.  It was such a pleasure working with you! You put us both completely at ease, and your remarks beautifully captured the spirit and themes we wanted to share with our friends and family that day. I am so grateful."

(Anjali & Lyman, Toronto Hunt)

"The celebration was truly an overwhelming success, all our guests were thrilled and the event has been described as a “giant hug”.  And that joyous mood was initiated by you.  The ceremony was beautiful and you instantly seemed to calm both of us down with nothing more than a look.  How do you do that?  You have developed a new fan club among the attendees.  Many of our guests commented on how wonderful and special your ceremony was.  Truly magical." 

(Michael & Kevin, Liberty Grand)

"Lainie is a wedding officiant that is thoughtful, detail oriented, funny, and calming, all of which led to stress-free preparation and a perfect wedding day. She always ensured we felt the wedding ceremony was how we wanted it and incorporated our ideas, words, and our personal relationship into the wedding ceremony. Your wedding ceremony will be in great hands with her!"

(Adrian and Victoria, Edwards Gardens)

"As a queer couple, it can be scary to reach out to vendors but Lainie was very kind and welcoming. She really made us feel like the day was all about us and our love. The script she wrote was beautiful and everyone at our wedding commented on how how amazing she was. Lainie has a very calming presence which is amazing to have on your wedding day. She speaks in a way that is very intentional and caring. She fit so perfectly into our wedding day and ceremony. I can’t imagine having anyone else as our officiant!"

(Emily & Calli, 2023, Riverstone Eco Retreat)

"There were some couples in the crowd that are common-law for ages and they came up to us afterwards telling us that the ceremony was so fantastic that they'd actually consider marriage if it's like this!"

(Rob & Marine, Ethica Coffee)

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