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A wedding is not something you plan every day. 

So it makes sense that you have questions!

If you don't see your answer here, or want more details, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.



? Do you perform interfaith/intercultural weddings?

Supporting people who are living love across difference is one of the most meaningful things I do.  I craft ceremonies that meld the traditions and rituals of the marriers, emphasizing the ways in which we are more the same than different.

? Do you marry same-sex, queer, trans, and poly folks?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Not only do I perform these weddings, I've had them myself!  It gives my heart an extra shot of joy to be able to marry people within my own beautiful communities.  I am grateful to live where our marriages are given the same legal recognition as any other.  (I look forward to the time when marriages between more than two people are also legally sanctioned. Until then, I will still happily preside at a ceremony celebrating your particular constellation.)

?  What geographic areas do you serve?

I am based in Toronto but am licensed to perform weddings anywhere in Ontario.  I love a good road trip and am happy to travel to your location.  (Distance fees apply to locations outside of Toronto, as well as to Toronto Island.)

? What locations are legal for weddings?

Many people think you can only marry at City Hall or in a house of worship.  Not true!  You can marry anywhere that you can fit your guests. Restaurants, private homes, banquet halls, parks, galleries, beaches, cottages...I've married people in all of these and more.  Think about where you'd most like to be! 

What is the smallest number of people required to make a marriage legal?

The minimum number required, apart from the people who are marrying, is three ~ a registered officiant, and two witnesses who are able to understand what is happening and sign the marriage documents. (If you don't have anyone available to do the honours ~ or you just want to keep your marriage a complete secret! ~ I will do my best to provide witnesses.)

Can we have a friend perform our ceremony?

Well, yes and no.  You can certainly have a friend perform the ceremony, however if they are not a licensed officiant they will not be able to do the "legal bits".  (In the movies, your friend can be registered for just the one day ~ but not here in Canada.)  I am happy to help you out with the legal aspects of the ceremony while your friend presides.  I can also give you and your friend guidance on how to approach this important job.

I'm really excited about my vows but not sure exactly how to start.  Can you help with this?

I am happy to help make your vows a little less overwhelming.  You can start by taking a look at my blog here for some ideas.

? Why is there such a wide range when it comes to pricing?

I love crafting unforgettable ceremonies and each one is unique.  It could be a "ceremini"  ("minimony"?) just to get your paperwork done. It could be an elaborate, ritual-infused and personalized ceremony created just for you.  Or anything in between!  Once I've heard what you're imagining, I will be able to give you a competitive quote. 

(If you are a same-sex or queer couple coming to Canada to marry because you cannot legally marry in your home country, or you are bringing a partner to Canada to escape gender-based violence, homophobia, or transphobia,I would be honoured to offer my services free of charge.)

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