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Standing up with you on a day filled with love and hope, optimism and connection is an honour and a joy.

The ceremony is the centrepiece of every wedding.  It is for the ceremony that we come as witnesses, and it is because of the ceremony that we all stay to celebrate. 


I craft unforgettable wedding ceremonies for all of my clients.  Through questions, conversation, and the sharing of stories, I will take the time to discover what makes your relationships original, radiant, and alive.  I then create a ceremony that uniquely celebrates you.

I am thrilled to be able to legally officiate at weddings in Ontario for people of all genders.

My clients are queer and straight, trans and cis, couples, families, and polycules.  For each I create an unforgettable moment when, for them and their loved ones, nothing else matters.  


With an extensive knowledge of secular and religious readings, symbols and customs, I weave in the traditions, practices and rituals that are important to my clients.  Together we craft a wedding ceremony that will lodge deep in the hearts of the wedded and the witnesses alike.

The Legal Stuff

I can also help guide you through the legal aspects of your wedding. 

For information about the government documents you need for a legal marriage in Ontario, visit ServiceOntario.

To speak with me about officiating at your wedding, email me or submit the form below.



Where do we begin?

Maybe you know exactly what you want your ceremony to be like or maybe you have no idea of where to start.


I can guide you through the process,

ask the questions that will help you think about what you want,

and create something that reflects

what this day means to you.


First, we will meet to see if we’re a good fit. This moment matters, so you will want someone standing with you who feels comfortable and right.

I will find out what you’re imagining,

and will answer your questions,

including all the legal bits.

At the end of this first chat, I will be able to give you a competitive quote

based on your unique needs.


Once confirmed, we’ll have a longer meeting so I can get to know you

and go through all the various

aspects of your ceremony

~ readings, rituals, vows, blessings, memorials, and even your love story.

This will be where I get everything I need to be able to craft your personal ceremony. I will send you the script ahead of time so that you can make sure that every word is what you want to hear at your wedding.


Then, of course, I will come and

perform your ceremony, at which time we will also sign your paperwork

(if you are choosing to do so).

I submit the license to the province

on your behalf while you

go off and celebrate!


But that’s not the end ~ I will follow up with you on how to obtain your marriage certificate (should you require it), and answer any other questions you may have afterward. And of course, I am always happy to meet my clients again for future celebrations

and thresholds in your lives.

To start, reach out and let's begin!

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