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There are events in our lives that ask for our attention.


We are called to share them with our communities. A moment to pause, notice, and reflect on the new threshold over which we are crossing.

By creating ritual we bring meaning to moments of both joy and sorrow. 

I would love to work with you to craft a unique ceremony

for your life cycle events:

  • celebrations of life

  • welcoming a new child through birth or adoption

  • coming out or transitioning

  • honouring polyamorous relationships

  • renewing a relationship commitment

  • other events that mark the cycle of your life ~ weaning, coming of age, graduation, moving, divorce, menopause, illness and recovery    ...If it matters to you, it matters. 

Feel free to email me or submit the form below to start the conversation about an important moment in your life.

For weddings,

click on the door.

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