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Cross the threshold, join the dance, and celebrate.​

I am devoted to accompanying people as they move across all kinds of thresholds,

finding their uniquely perfect way.

Moving from one room to another,

one home to another,

one stage to the next,

one dance to the next.

We walk into new spaces with our bodies,

our emotions,

our minds,

and our spirits. 

We enter alone.  We enter with others. 

Through dance. 

Through ritual. 

Through relationship.

Each entrance. each threshold, each dance, unique and valuable.​​

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I am honoured to be able to help bring meaning to life's significant moments.

If you are looking for an

officiant for your wedding,

or to mark any other important

rituals of change

(new child, coming out/transition,

celebration of life) 

come through this door:


I love dance and sharing the

joy of movement

with everyBody through

The Nia Technique and 

Dancing With Parkinson's.  


To find out more about my classes

and dance/movement projects

come through this door:

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